Youth Pastor Job listing


Thank you for your interest in the Youth Pastor position at Living Waters Church, in Medford, Oregon. Below you will find a general overview of this position, expectations, and compensation details. If you are interested in applying, please review these details and fill out your information in the form provided below to begin the interview process with our recruitment team.

The following steps will be taken for every eligible applicant upon receipt of your contact information:

  • Email with a link to an online form for you to include references, experience, career goals etc.    
  • We will follow up the submission of that form with a request for formal resumé.
  • A recruitment team member will then contact you via email or phone call for confirmation of eligibility or non-eligibility to continue to the interview stage.
  • If chosen to continue to the interview stage, we will schedule an in-person or online meeting via Skype or Google Hangouts with our panel of interviewers.
  • Prospective interviewees will be presented to our senior leaders Ryan and Kate Rhoden for final approval.

Our commitment to you during this process will be open communication on where you stand in terms of this position along the way.   Your time is valuable to us and we appreciate your desire to discover if this team, church, and ministry assignment is a good fit for you.  

General Church Information:

Living Waters Church has an attendance of ~450 people. We are a “Spirit-Filled” church, and are part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination.

Our weekend gatherings average ~300 people.

We are a regional church - Reaching 6+ Jr. Highs/High Schools - and we have a second campus in Ashland, Or.

OUR CITY: Medford is in the heart of the Rogue Valley, in Southern Oregon. with a population of ~70k, with 200k+ in the surrounding area. Medford is the hub to several surrounding communities (Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Central Point, White City, Eagle Point). It is growing rapidly, and offers a quality of life, pace, access to outdoors, and so many other great amenities that make it an amazing place to live and raise a family.


Primary Expectations of Youth Pastor:

We are looking for an individual and/or couple who are:

Spiritual Leaders:

  • A lover and pursuer of Jesus Christ.

  • Moving within the gifts of Holy Spirit boldly & comfortably, and able to lead others in the same.

  • Secure in your identity as a son/daughter of the Father, and able to lead others in the same.

Great Teammates:

(Everything we do is rooted in the spiritual, emotional and relational health within our team).

  • Whether a couple or individual, we desire someone who is able to dive in relationally with our team.

  • Someone who is able to be fully engaged in where our church/city/region is going, and capable of working hard with our team to get there.

  • Willing to speak into and lead with us in all areas of church life. Not just “youth ministry” focused, but full vision focused.

Healthy Marriage: (IF MARRIED)

  • Your marriage being healthy is a primary focus for us, because ministry is an overflow of our individual spiritual health, and the health of marriage. Everything we are and everything we are stewarding that God is doing is a byproduct of healthy marriages. All that we speak, pray for, demonstrate and lead people into must first be a reality in our home.
  • Our desire is that you are both passionately involved and committed to ministry, specifically youth ministry, and understand the relational/time commitment it takes to build a youth group, have meaningful relationship with teens, and be a part of our team.

Heart For Young People:

  • Love teenagers, and know how to relentlessly pursue healthy and meaningful connection with them that makes them feel like they belong.

  • Passionate to see and know them individually and uniquely.

  • Able to build both large gatherings and a small group ministry.

  • Create a fun environment for them at church, making it a place they want to be.

  • Someone who is able to lead an environment where they engage Holy Spirit deeply and grow a meaningful relationship with Jesus that is their own.  

Heart for families/parents of teens:

  • Youth Pastoring is about connecting and growing relationship with parents.

  • The job comes with an imperative to value parents, and to teach and equip them as they raise teenagers.

  • Leading a youth ministry is truly “family ministry” - and should have events, gatherings, workshops geared toward parents as well as youth.


Job Description:


  • Sunday morning Youth Group (during 2nd Service) - Full service // worship // fun // teaching
  • Monday - Team day - All day


  • Sunday Night High School group
  • Wednesday night Jr High Gathering/Outreach Event
  • Small Group gatherings/discipleship groups


  • Retreats
  • Summer/Winter Camp
  • Youth Volunteer Team Gatherings

While not job requirements, we are searching for someone who:

  • Can work full time, in a salaried position.

  • Able to delegate and build teams well.

  • Is a confident and skilled teacher of the Word, and communicator to our teens and church body.

  • Has experience in youth ministry, preferably leading groups of 50 or more.

  • Has the patience and long term vision to rebrand, relaunch and regrow our youth ministry.

  • Growth minded and forward thinking. (Based on the size and growth of our congregation, we have every expectation that both the Jr High and Sr High weekly groups will quickly grow above 50 kids)

  • Is Spirit led and “presence” driven.

  • Can dream with us as we build our new youth facility over the next 2 years.


  • Youth Pastor - Full time, salaried - No health benefits/retirement
  • Pay - Between $2.5-$3k a month, based on experience/family situation
  • Paid vacation package based on experience 
  • Continued education support, pastoral license support 
  • If Foursquare credentialed already, retirement package, license fee coverage and housing allowance.

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